According to Adam Anderson, “Being in the woods at Honey Brake in Louisiana on New Year's Day is a great way to enter a new decade. But it didn’t go exactly as I planned”. 

Adam greeted 2020 by shooting a nice buck. He knew that he may have hit it a little back, but was confident that it was a good hit. But after hours of tracking, they were unable to locate the buck.

That night, Drew Keith mentioned that he wanted to get one of his new guides, Cole Cooper on a mature buck. Adam agreed to film Cole the next day, but Drew said “I’m going to wait until tomorrow morning to tell Cole. He may not sleep a wink if we tell him tonight.” So they acted as if Cole would be filming Adam until they were getting ready.

The next morning Adam manned the camera as Drew surprised Cole with the opportunity to go after a specific old seven point. 

Settled in the blind, they saw a few deer early. But only caught a glimpse of their target seven as he crossed the road disappearing into the brush. While they saw a few other deer, the buck they were after never came back into view. 

The next morning, Adam was behind the camera as Cole eagerly awaited the six and half-year-old seven point buck to show up. They didn’t have to wait long as the buck popped out of the thick brush 500 yards away from the blind. Adam gave a few grunts that caused the buck to turn and head towards them. As Cole prepared for a shot if the opportunity was given, the buck closed the distance to 200 yards and then stepped into the brush. 

Soon the buck reappeared from the thick brush about 100 yards closer. Almost immediately, the buck began to act nervous. Seeming unsure about the situation, the buck turned to leave, giving Cole the clean shot he needed. Holding it on him, Cole made a great shot with the buck running just 40 yards. 

“Cole has helped many have a successful hunt throughout the year and it was great to be there as he pulled the trigger for himself” Adam reported. This six and half-year-old buck was a great reward for Cole’s hard work all year long. 

 Dr. Brooks Tiller