January 1: Jacob O'Dell and John O'Dell


Once again Jacob O’Dell was invited to come back to the GK Poloma Ranch to fill his last tag of the 2019-2020 deer season.

He wanted to use his bow, but the deer were running wild chasing does and feeding. So, the Winchester Model 70 came out of the case.

Jacob and his dad John put a Muddy blind on top of an old platform and captured great footage of bucks chasing does way off in the distance. The bucks were chasing and fighting as far as you could see. 

On the second sit, one doe had five different bucks chasing her for as far as John could film. It was intense and exciting. Then a mainframe 9-pointer came into range, along with some javelina and a coyote, which took the bucks’ focus—and rightfully so. 

With the buck focusing on the other animals, he finally gave Jacob a great shot. The deer ran 20 yards and collapsed. It was one of the best days hunting deer, according to both hunters, with the footage, excitement, and a mature buck to boot!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer