December 28: Kyle Lamore


Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar jumped at the invite from David Cahill of the Confluence Group to head to the duck hunting mecca, Honey Brake, in Louisiana.

They were not heading south after ducks, but after a mature whitetail buck. 

The trip timing was perfect, falling between Christmas and the New Year. School Christmas break, along with a warm spell causing a lull in the Illinois deer season, made it the ideal time for a road trip in search of mature bucks. 

After getting situated in the first-class accommodations at Honey Brake, Kyle and JJ sat down with Drew Keeth to look over the maps and listen to his recommendations. Drew has an impressive knowledge of the property and wildlife. Kyle spoke highly of Drew “He always does his homework and maintains a very strict management program.”

The first few days it was very warm in the mid 70’s.The team saw several deer, but any potential shooters were just too far out of range. On the third morning, it was raining hard, and while Kyle and JJ debated if they should hunt, Drew Keeth pushed them to get out. So, following his advice they headed back to the spot where they had taken out a coyote the day before. 

It was slow early on, seeing just a few does. Then about 8:00 am, it seemed that a switch had been flipped, as they began to see a few small bucks. Then they spotted a really good buck coming down the green field toward them. As they looked at him closer with the binos, they could tell he was a mature shooter. But before he got close enough for a shot, the buck turned and disappeared into the brush. 

About 30 minutes later, a mature 8 point buck walked out and crossed the green field. While much closer, they decided to pass, in hopes that the big buck they had seen earlier would come back out. Just minutes after watching another mature buck leave the field, the big swamp donkey they had seen earlier reappeared into the green field just 100 yards away. 

Kyle didn’t waste any time or take any chances as he steadied his Winchester .270 and placed the cross-hairs on the bucks high shoulder. As Kyle squeezed the trigger, the buck dropped in his tracks. Soon they were able to put their hands on this impressive mature buck. 

Although they had ended their hunt successfully, they did not want their stay to end. Kyle said the amazing accommodations, good food, and great people at Honey Brake make it a great place to just hang out.

- Brooks Tiller