December 22: Jacob O'Dell and John O'Dell


Going back to the GK Poloma Ranch in Maverick County, Texas, Jacob O’Dell was ready to fill one of his last remaining tags on a mature buck.

This time of year, the high-protein source from the brush in South Texas makes seeing deer tough, but doable. Hunting with his dad, John, Jacob had his sights set on a fully mature 7-pointer.

On the first hunt, soon after they got in the Muddy blind, the first buck to show up was the buck they were after. When he came in, he was not in range. The deer walked off another big buck, and chased a doe in the distance. The brush was lush and green, so it was hard to spot him at times. 

Finally, the mature deer worked back into bow range and presented a hard quartering away shot. Thankfully, Jacob practices  many different shot scenarios and he smoked him. The buck went 30 yards and piled up. 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer