As the 2019 season comes down to the last few weeks, my little brother Ben’s luck felt like it had run out.

After chasing a buck for the past 3 years he had named Jo, the story sadly came to an end this season as one of the neighbors was lucky enough to harvest him. I understood just how much time and effort that he had put in to get a chance on this deer, and when I found out that he had been killed, I knew I had to get him to the city to get on a deer. 

Tiffany and I went hunting about a week ago to do some doe management on one of our properties when an absolute monster 11 point came walked 30 yards from us. With both of us being tagged out already, I made a quick phone call to Ben and told him he had to get up here to the city to get on this deer. I was catching him on the Reconyx cameras regularly, and it was only a matter of getting Ben up here with his PSE Xpedite that kept us from having this deer on the ground! 

Finally, after working around our busy schedules, we found a weekend that worked out for the both of us. Time was ticking as the 2019 Kansas season was almost over. Luckily enough, on our very first sit together in the city, this monster g2’d buck stepped foot into the Mossy Oak BioLogic Clover Plus plot. 

Time was against us however, and we had to wait nearly 10 mins for legal shooting light. Ben was itching to let the Victory arrow fly, and at last, the buck turned broadside and Ben sent a Rage into the cage! The shot was slightly back so we hopped on over to DeerCast track, waited the allotted time, and then went to looking.This beautiful buck ended up dying about 150 yards away from where we shot him. I couldn’t be any happier to get my brother up here to the city and get a big buck down!

- Brycen Thornton