December 20: Mark Drury and Taylor Drury Land

"Lucky Thirteen" is DOWN with the Winchester 350 Legend / Deer Season XP - A 6.5 year old buck that we have hundreds of beautiful Reconyx pictures of!!

I could not have asked for a more meaningful hunt to close out my 2019 season! It was a family affair yesterday evening and my heart is SO full!! Whether we're in the outdoors or sitting at home, we are always having SO much fun together which is truly what the comradery of our lifestyle is all about - Making memories with the ones you love the most then telling stories over a fresh meal of wild game! Being raised in a hunting family is by far one of the biggest blessings in life....  

Good luck to everyone hunting the late season & congratulations to all that have been successful this Fall! 

Happy Holidays, DeerCasters :) 

- Taylor Drury Land