December 13: Brandon Churchill


Brandon Churchill works for Tom Ware in his retail stores, on the farm planting, shed hunting, and preparing the properties for deer season.

Last year, because of his efforts, Ware insisted Churchill go after a giant buck named Shrek on his Illinois farm. 

Churchill finally agreed.

Although there were many chances last year, including Churchill being at full-draw on Shrek at 18-yards, he was never able to close the deal on the buck. This year, Churchill encountered the buck in October. 

Shrek gave him a shot, but he hit the deer high at 40-yards. After a week of not being on camera, Shrek reappeared, and Churchill was determined to finish the job with his PSE. 

After the Christmas holiday luncheon at the office, Churchill decided to go check a camera in an area Shrek frequented. The buck was on camera the previous day in the afternoon. He called Ware, and they both raced out to the blind. Not soon after, Shrek presented a 30-yard shot. This time it was not high. 

The 179-inch whitetail had ground growth instead of shrinkage, and sported a 24-inch outside spread. A great end to a long story!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer