On one of his last hunts for a mature buck in Illinois, Tom Ware decided to self-film.

He just felt like hunting by himself. Ware knew the deer would be on food, so he grabbed his camera and tripod and went to get it done. 

After taking a great access route to enter the blind, Ware saw his target buck. Captain Kirk was a mainframe 8-point with a kicker. Captain Kirk came out with more deer, and started slowly working into range. Ware knew he had plenty of time and the right wind.

The buck came to 30-yards and Ware lowered the window of the blind. Taking his time, he settled the pin on him and shot him right through the abdomen.

Ware immediately called John Engelken, as he wanted to get the dog on the trail first and not risk bumping the buck. Ware and Tracker John planned on going in the next afternoon.

Immediately, the dog was on the buck’s final trail. 

In merely 11-minutes the dog found Captain Kirk in an area Ware never thought the deer would go. Captain Kirk fell dead about 400 yards from where he was shot. 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer