December 11: Brittany Kichton


I harvested this on a public grazing lease in northern Alberta during a spot and stalk hunt.  After my 185”+ target buck was shot by the neighbor, we switched strategies and went to check out an area of public land that we had never hunted before.  

Richard and I were glassing these large field edges for deer and saw a buck run out of the tree line and start booking it across the field.  We basically sprinted across the field to get set up and try to get a better look at him, but that one had already disappeared back into the tree line.  Then I noticed this guy cruising across the field, so we sprinted again to a little hill so I could get set up to take the shot before he made it to the tree line as well.  

The deer in general were very spooky that day between the wind blowing 25km and the amount of other hunters around, so we knew we had to move quickly if we wanted to get a shot.  Let me tell you though, sprinting through crunchy snow all bundled up in a thousand layers across uneven pasture really gets your blood (and breathing) going!  

Thankfully, he came out into the field where I could get a clear look at him and I was able to make the shot on our last day of hunting there.