After teaming up with great success last year, this year has been a long season for Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar.

Facing the struggles of limited time in the woods that come with family and work, plus unfavorable weather and wind for hunting, they have not had many opportunities in the woods.

In early November, on the way in for an evening hunt, JJ told Kyle to stop and look. Kyle saw an opossum scurrying away and asked, “A possum?”, but then he noticed where the critter had run from. They eased closer as a sickening pit grew in their stomachs. Their number one deer, a 10 that measured 162 inches, had been hit and killed by a vehicle.

On a rainy Thanksgiving evening, Kyle loaded the family up in the truck to check out a few fields. Kyle spotted a buck with a doe in a field and after a closer look realized that it was a mature broken 9-point buck they had never seen before, which he dubbed "Nomad 9".

The next day, being warm and drizzly, Kyle decided to check out the field again and saw Nomad 9 with a doe. He immediately called JJ to tell him, and after a little convincing, they were ready to hunt Saturday evening. Kyle said "We pulled a Hang and Bang. We hung our stands and immediately jumped in them.”

Just as planned, the doe came out a little before dark with Nomad 9 close behind. Kyle steadied himself and released a bolt from his crossbow. Immediately he knew he missed, as the bolt made a loud clang hitting a limb. They pulled out a little disheartened and headed home with a week of work ahead of them.

With the second shotgun season opening, Kyle went to watch a freshly cut corn field they had not hunted all year. With several deer in the field Wednesday night, Kyle and JJ hurried out of school, grabbed their shotgun and camera, and headed into the field. Without a stand or blind set up, they quickly brushed up a shooting location.

Soon, deer were coming in and out of the fields. A good buck chased a doe across the field. A group of does came in and out of the field a few times, and then a lone doe bolted into the field. Hot on her tail was Nomad 9. Kyle attempted to get the buck to stop but it was obvious his mind was elsewhere. With one last loud attempt from Kyle, the doe stopped which caused Nomad 9 to halt as well. Kyle quickly found his mark and squeezed the trigger, sending the slug 80 yards, and putting Nomad 9 down.

Kyle said “This is another case of MRI being worth more than experience or knowledge. Spending poor weather days cruising and glassing allowed us to see deer in fields that we had never hunted. And that led us to Nomad 9.”

Kyle and JJ trusted their most recent information amd were willing to adapt.

Dr. Brooks Tiller