As Tom Ware was waiting on hunting partner Scott Manifold’s deer to expire, he decided to hunt.

It was a great decision. A recent picture of a buck that disappeared earlier in the year, a heavy 8-pointer he named Coathanger, had him excited. Another buck, Titan, was frequenting the food plot as well. 

Coathanger came back on November 21st in daylight, and Ware knew he would like a shot at the buck. Ware has a section of beans on his property that remains fenced until late season, but he decided to remove it on November 28th this year. As soon as they did, Coathanger showed up to feast.

On December 3rd, Ware was hunting while Manifold filmed. Ware peeked out behind the blind on a whim and saw Titan, one of his target bucks. The buck fed into the beans at 40-45 yards, and Ware slowed things down. He knew the buck would be out there a while, so he was going to wait for a perfect shot. After about 5-minutes of waiting on Titan, Coathanger came out. As soon as Ware saw him, his heart started pounding. Titan was going to get a pass tonight. 

 Amazingly, Coathanger walked right at Ware and got to 20-yards broadside. Ware drew, but the tall soybeans were covering Coathanger's vitals. Ware had to hold the bow back for over a minute before the buck took a step forward. Ware drilled him, and the buck ran hard and fast for a while, and then crashed. 

Coathanger must have been running as fast as he could, because as Ware walked up to the dead buck, one of his antlers was lying next to his head. It appeared the buck crashed head-first into a tree and knocked an antler off, with a piece of skull attached! What a unique hunt and situation in Iowa.

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer