November 29: Rebecca Manifold


The Sunday Plot struck again for Scott Manifold and his family on his Southern Michigan farm.

Rebecca Manifold, Scott’s daughter-in-law, had never shot a deer. She got the itch this fall and started the pursuit—which will likely become an addiction. A few hot, miserable sits in October, where Scott did not even want to be out there, proved Rebecca was all about it. 

The mornings in Michigan had been rainy, warm, and just not good for deer movement. Rebecca wanted to go Saturday morning anyway, even after Scott told her it would not be good. Sure enough, not much was seen. But a mid-day cold front gave them a break in the weather and they were back in the blind for the afternoon hunt. 

It did not take long for deer to start coming in to the BioLogic plot. The deer were really going after the bulbs with the temperature being in the low 30s.

Does entered first, and then a nice 8-pointer. Rebecca knew there were some bigger bucks on camera but this buck was out, and it was her last chance to hunt. As the buck started walking away she said “it’s gotta happen” and pulled the trigger. The buck, which seemingly died mid-air, dropped like a ton of bricks.

Rebecca Manifold had her first deer down in the Southern Michigan woods, and I have a feeling with the family she married into, it will most certainly not be her last

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer