Hunting a mature buck is always a cat and mouse game.

It was especially true for a mature whitetail Brandon Jennings called “Double Deuce” on his Missouri farm. Jennings sat 40-50 times for this buck, and he was always where the buck was not. 

After getting set up the day before Thanksgiving, two of the biggest three-year-old bucks on the farm were on top of them and feeding by 3:30 pm. They were both great deer, but were not mature. Brandon was after Double Deuce. Brandon told his son, and cameraman, Parker, if Double Deuce was going to come out, it was going to be that night.

Brandon's hypothesis was right. At 4:00 pm Double Deuce came out from the right side of the blind, giving Jennings a broadside shot. Jennings stopped him and let the arrow fly. The shot hit a bit back and low. After looking at DeerCast Track, it was decided to let him sit until the next morning. 

After a little bit of searching, and finding lots of blood-soaked beds from the night, Brandon had his hands around a huge, mature buck he had been after all year. What a feeling!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer