Over the past three years of a five-year management plan on his farm, Bric Steward has experienced a few setbacks.

But that has not stopped him from inviting friends and hosting them for a week-long deer camp full of good food and countless laughs. 

On a nasty rainy morning, he thought the hunting would be better in the afternoon, but he knew that they wouldn’t see any deer just sitting around camp. With Brandon behind the camera as soon as daylight broke, they saw some deer on the move. Not long after Brandon spotted a buck in the standing beans. 

At first look Bric thought it was his number one hit list buck. After closer examination, he realized that even with 20 cameras across the farm, it was a buck he had never seen before. As the buck followed a doe closer they agreed that it was a mature buck.

“This was the most run-down buck I have ever seen” reported Bric. When the doe stopped to graze, the buck would put his head down to graze and appeared to fall asleep standing up. Then he would wake up and like he had dozed off during a Sunday sermon, and look around to see if anyone caught him sleeping. 

The doe led the tired buck within 40 yards of the blind. As he quartered away, Bric squeezed the trigger on his shotgun. Knowing it was a good shot, they headed back to camp to meet up with everyone else to share in the spoils of a successful hunt. 

With the whole camp tracking, they found the four and half year-old ten point easily. After getting the buck back to camp and dressing him, they celebrated together with good food and great friends. 

- Dr. Brooks Tiller