November 17: Parker Jennings


Brandon Jennings’ cameraman, hunting buddy, and son Parker Jennings is tagged out in Missouri.

Brandon’s goal was to have Parker take one buck with his bow and one with his gun, and he accomplished that nicely! 

Parker is a highschool senior and is preparing for college, so any time the father and son can get together and hunt, it is a time to be cherished. Near the end of Missouri’s firearms season, Parker, with dad behind the camera, had two bucks come out in the field. Parker thought the back buck was a bigger one, so he got on him and took a great shot. The deer did not go far before expiring. 

The deer was not as big as Parker thought, but the size of the antlers never should dictate the experience. Great job, Parker, and you better come home each fall to hunt with your dad! 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer