November 19: Dawn Jensen


With several deer killed over the past year due to EHD and harsh winter, the Jensen farm only had one mature buck on the 2019 hit list.

And the buck they named RC had made himself scarce. Add in a newborn at home, and Dawn Jensen was unsure of how much time she would get to spend in the woods. While making the most of every opportunity, she still had not been presented with a shot all season. 

After hunting various spots throughout the year with no luck, they made a decision to head to the center of the farm and see what happened. But before they headed out, a neighbor invited her over to hunt. He shared some photos of a big nine that showed up on a trail camera early that morning. Dawn eagerly accepted the invitation as she recognized that she had seen him from a distance earlier in the year. Plus, knowing a mature buck was in the area, was better than picking a spot on the map and hoping.

They set up a decoy in the cornfield before getting into the blind. Soon a mature buck came around the corner of the cornfield heading right toward the blind. While this was not the buck they had set up for, Dawn was given the go-ahead to take this mature deer if the opportunity was presented. With the buck down a steep slope, he was unable to see the decoy and was casually grazing. As he was feeding through a radish plot, he began to angle up the hill when he spotted the decoy.

With ears pinned back, he began marching toward the decoy. He stopped 15 yards away with his hair bristled, ears pinned back, and licking his nose ready for a showdown. The big buck stopped so close to the blind, Dawn could not see him. She had to wait for her cameraman to give her the ok to move and draw her bow. As the buck turned, Dawn got the signal so she stood slowly and drew her bow being careful not to bump the blind. 

Dawn released her arrow and the eleven-point buck quickly piled up before leaving the field. As they quietly celebrated and made their way towards the mature buck, Dawn looked up to see the big nine they had initially set out after standing 50 yards away looking down on them.

Dr. Brooks Tiller