In September, Tom Ware got a new Missouri farm under contract and went to work.

He wondered if he could plant food plots, get stands and blinds set up, cameras out and then find a mature deer to harvest on the new piece of land. He called it Mission: Impossible. But he got it done, using leftover seed and winging it on fertilizer.

Ware had not closed on the property yet when Missouri’s rifle season opened, but the landowner gave him the OK to hunt. Ware had one big buck on camera, which he called Caveman. He was the first of his kind on the new property. 

Ware first saw the target buck while filming Mike Klemmensen in early November. In fact, Caveman was the only buck they saw. Ware was hunting just about everywhere else in the Midwest when rifle season opened. The night before he decided to go to the Missouri farm and picked one of his eight blinds to hunt, without any real rhyme or reason.

Only ten minutes after the sun came up a doe came out in front, followed by a buck. It was Caveman. The deer ran right at Ware and stopped at 28-yards broadside. That was the end of Caveman. Ware had his first buck on the new property. 

Ware’s daughter, Grace, makes bracelets for him every year for good luck. He ended up losing his, so he ended up borrowing Klemmensen’s bracelet for luck that morning. I would say it worked out nicely! Oh, and Ware found his bracelet on another farm later.

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer