In 2018, Greg Glesinger put in a new food plots of BioLogic Maximum on his Missouri farm.

After four days of hunting over it, he realized he needed to move the plot 250 yards North of where it was. The plot needed to be located where the deer wanted to be.

Like all of the deer Glesinger and partner Kasey Morgan have harvested this fall, luck was on his side November 19th when a weather front moved through. Glesinger had a lot of doe movement early on, and even some younger bucks. Around 4:15 p.m. Morgan saw antlers in the cedar thicket just off the plot. He could not tell what it was, but it looked like a mature buck. 

Soon after the glimpse of the buck, a lone doe came out into the BioLogic Maximum plot. The buck, one the two had not seen before, was in tow. He paid no attention to any other doe, only the one he was locked down with. As the buck fed near their Muddy Penthouse blind, Glesinger let his .270 ring out at 45-yards. The buck ran only 30-40 yards before piling up in the food plot. 

Glesinger had his largest Missouri rifle buck down, as well as the heaviest buck Morgan and he have harvested this year. The 6.5 year-old, 166 2/8th-inch whitetail was a welcome surprise to an otherwise slow start to Missouri’s rifle season!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer