As rifle season opened in Missouri, John Williams set out to get his oldest granddaughter a shot at a mature whitetail.

During their first day of hunting they saw several deer. They patiently waited all day, but they never saw one that met the mature buck status they had their sights set on. 

On Sunday morning they set up in a shooting house overlooking a BioLogic field. After she passed on a young buck, John left Ashley in the shooting house while he went to check cameras on a different area of the farm.

The cameras had captured several mature deer coming into the food plot in the afternoons. John headed back to get Ashley to change sites for the afternoon hunt. 

Easing in to their afternoon set, they spotted three does in the field with a good buck hanging close behind. The does led the buck out of the field as John and Ashley got set up for a promising afternoon. 

Not long after setting up in the blind, a young nine point buck came out to enjoy the food plot. Soon three does came into the field followed by the mature buck they had seen earlier. 

With long distinguishable G2’s,  John knew this deer was not one that he any photos of but it met the mature buck criteria, so Ashley prepared herself for a shot. She steadied her .308 and found the buck in the crosshairs. With Grandpa John running the camera, Ashley squeezed the trigger to knock down the mature whitetail with 14 inch G2’s.

- Dr. Brooks Tiller