Hunting a new piece of property, Taylor Byers and her husband Caleb were eager to see what lay in store.

The farm is mostly cattle pasture and CRP, but it sits next to two big blocks of timber. Does love to bed on the farm, so she was hoping the action would heat up during the rut. 

Byers went in around 2:00 pm, and movement was slow. She was sitting on the edge of two big bluffs along a creek bank. About 45-minutes before dark she heard something coming down the bluff. Caleb said it was a big buck. The buck started to come down towards them, but he spun and walked the other way. Byers was going to grunt at the buck, but some deer had moved in, in front of them. 

Whether it was luck or the buck hearing the deer in front of them, the deer spun around and came back. He crossed over a creek and came into shooting lane at 32-yards. Byers stopped him, but when she did the buck took another step. She tried to tuck the arrow as close as she could to the shoulder and let it fly. 

She watched the video, and utilized DeerCast Track to see what to expect. All signs pointed to a liver hit. She snuck over to where she shot him to look for blood—and there was a lot. She marked it and backed out, wanting to give the deer 12 hours. 

The Byers went in at 6:00 am to where they had first blood and started tracking. It did not take long, as he was a mere 50-yards away dead. Byers hit the hepatic artery and the buck probably died within a minute. It is always good to play it safe, especially with a buck that scored 161 1/8th-inches!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer