The 80-acre farm Caleb Byers has access to is a bear to hunt.

Consisting of cattle pasture, thick hedges and cedars, access is difficult without alerting deer. But it holds a lot of does and becomes a great spot during the rut. It was no different this year.

With his number one target buck residing on the farm, Byers went in November 10th looking to release an arrow. He had tons of activity all day. A great 3.5-year-old buck came in chasing a doe, with his target buck in tow.

The big buck got to 60-yards and veered off to go after the 3.5-year-old. Byers grunted and rattled to no avail. Since the action was so great, he left his things in the tree and decided to go back in the next day.

The next morning Byers was in the stand for a bit when he saw some small bucks running across an open field. He saw a flash in the woods—it was a shooter. He got his camera on his shooting lane and readied. The buck crossed into the lane at 50-yards, and Byers took the shot. The buck ducked and started to run, so the shot hit a bit back. 

As he got down to track with the help of his friend, they heard some deer rustling in the woods close to them. Not 40-yards away was his target buck with a doe and a small buck. They took off.

The two continued to track, and with the blood and sign knew they were getting close. They got within eyesight of the buck when a doe stood up. Next to her was the target buck, bedded. His dead buck lay within 20-yards of them. He passed the bow to his camera man, and due to miscommunication, he took a shot at the bedded buck. The arrow sailed over his back. 

You never know how comfortable a giant buck is in a thick, cover-laden area! Byers plans to remember this when he starts his quest next year.

- Ryan Miloshewski, Deercast Senior Writer