November 9: Brian Wiese


Sometimes pure luck comes into play when it comes to deer hunting.

Nebraska native Brian Wiese had drawn a rifle deer tag for South Dakota. Through a discussion with an Analogics dealer, Brain was introduced to Neil Heilla, of Rock Road Outfitters. 

The stars aligned for Brian. Heilla had recently picked up some new hunting ground and had room for Brain to hunt. “It turned into one of my best deer hunts ever,” Brian said.

Heilla had scouting footage of several good bucks from early October. Due to a recent death in the family, Wiese didn’t leave Nebraska until midnight on Friday. He drove all night and made opening day with less than two hours sleep.

“DeerCast indicated that hunting would be OK,” Wiese said. “I set up on a food-to-bed spot, and felt very confident. Cameraman Grant Gaddington tagged along to lay down the footage.”

Wiese had his sights set on giant of a buck, which Heilla had on camera from October. “Unbelievably, the first buck I saw that morning was the target buck, a good 170-inch buck,” Weise said.

Unfortunately, the bruiser appeared at 550 yards. It disappeared for a few minutes, but reappeared at 300 yards. Still there was no shot opportunity and the buck walked out of Brian’s life.

Such moments are real bummers for deer hunters. But, you never know what is going to happen next. Just minutes after the 170-incher disappeared, and cast Brian into the pits, a second shooter showed up perpendicular to the first. Brian’s mental slump immediately skyrocketed.

“That buck presented a 250 yard quartering away shot," Brian said. “My Winchester XPR 300 Win-Mag took the 143-inch 10 pointer down cleanly.”

Brian couldn’t believe his good fortune. The first two bucks he encountered that morning were good shooters. “While we waited for Neil to come get us, we saw another 15 deer, including several nice bucks,” Brian said. “This was the fastest hunt of my life. Rock Road Outfitters is a superbly managed deer hunting operation. I was very fortunate to get to hunt there.”

-Bill Cooper, DeerCast Senior Writer