November 8: Steven Stoltz

After a very long haiatis from the Drury Outdoors Team, I am so excited to be back on board with such an amazing group of talented hunters. It would only be fitting that my best Whitetail ever would fall thanks to DOD DeerCast, PSE Bows and Rage Extreme!!!

This story of Shredder began last year when he showed up on the farm I hunt in SE. Iowa. He walked by my tree and I gave him a pass, and at that time he was a 5x5 with small G-5‘s , so he was-trying to be a 6x6. Fully mature, but I wanted to see if he would blow to a 6x6.

This year Shredder immediately started showing up on trail cameras. He in fact blew to an absolute GIANT !!! And he added some extra points at the bases. We knew this buck would be tearing up the trees this the name “Shredder”.

This morning DeerCast said hunting would be great. That in mind I headed for a stand that has produced in the past back in security cover. At about 8 am. I spotted a different mature buck and decided to grunt and snort wheeze to try and get a closer look. In an instant Shredder came in at a fast pace with little time I got the cameras rolling, grabbed the PSE Evoque and stopped him at 30 yds. The Rage Extreme heart punched him and he didn’t go 10 yds. The blood was pouring but he was not down so I did a follow up shot just to be sure.

What an amazing hunt and he is my biggest ever !! Thank you PSE, Rage and DeerCast - an extremely deadly combination!!!