November 3: John O'Dell


God Bless Texas is a frequent phrase you’ll hear from John O’Dell.

And for good reason. Hunting in South Texas with the Charco Marrano ranch in LaSalle County, O’Dell and his son Jacob went down to the Golden Triangle to fill a tag on one of  it's many mature bucks.

Although O’Dell has encountered multiple bucks, including seven over 140-inches his first time, he had never put an arrow through one at the Charco Marrano. That changed very quickly. After getting in the blind at 3:45 pm, they had deer moving almost instantly. A little before dark, a mature buck came in and gave him a perfect shot. He didn’t miss. 

As they were celebrating, O’Dell’s guide said “draw your bow.” O’Dell does not ask questions, he just listens to his guides at Charco Marrano. He drew his bow back and another mature buck stepped into his window. O’Dell let his arrow go, and it was a great shot. The buck was so old, all of his teeth were worn down to the gumline. 

So, O’Dell went from never harvesting a mature buck on the ranch to harvesting two great bucks within 15-minutes of each other. God Bless Texas, indeed!

Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer