Brad Stricker has been grinding all year to get one of his “photo op” bucks.

Verizon, as he named him, due to his love to roam the property and have such a huge coverage area, especially loved the camera. 

Hunting with his cameraman Mitch Hessel, the duo were in the middle of a hard-hunting stretch. Verizon was close—within 60-yards twice—and they saw the buck seven out of ten sits. Stricker knew it was just a matter of time before the PSE met Verizon. 

Around 5:30 pm on November 2nd, Verizon finally came too close. Stricker let his arrow fly, and made what appeared to be an excellent hit.

The buck ran off and the video showed a double-lung shot. The two were elated, as they rarely ever shoot a deer with light still left in the day. Stricker got down and found his arrow. It looked weird though. The arrow looked like it was covered with blood and somebody had wiped it off. A bit odd, but they figured the buck would be dead.

Seventy-yards into tracking, the buck jumped up from his bed. Stumped, Hessel and Stricker backed up until later. After a little bit of looking, they finally found the 159 4/8ths-inch buck—about 300-yards from where he was jumped. It is amazing how tough these animals can be!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer