October 28: Greg Glesinger


Greg Glesinger got a giant buck on his North Missouri farm in August. But only a few pictures.

Then the buck disappeared—until last week that is. They chalked it up to randomness and did not even have the buck on their hit list. 

On October 28th Glesinger and his camera man checked cameras and the giant buck was back on October 24th and 27th. They knew if they were going to target him it had to occur immediately. With a massive front coming in, bringing cold, sleet and snow, Glesinger got set up at 2:30 pm. He knew deer would be feeding early.

At 4:45pm, the giant buck showed, coming out of a thicket to check some does that were already out feeding. Glesinger’s set up was near a gate gap leading into a transition zone, and if the deer wanted to get to the other side, he had to walk in range. At 5:00 pm Glesinger released an arrow at 46-yards. The 193 4/8ths-inch behemoth ran 225-yards before piling up. 

Upon recovering the deer, Glesinger sent pics to DoD members. Mark Drury immediately recognized the buck. In fact, Drury had hundreds of pictures of the giant from this summer. Apparently, the buck had been summering on Mark’s farm over 5-miles away! The buck made some major movement when he showed up on Glesinger’s camera in August, September, and October, and his wanderlust ended up being his demise. 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer