Every buck is unique, if you take the time to appreciate them.

Big Frame made a clear impression on Mark (for obvious reasons, I mean, check out that rack!). He'd seen him a few nights previous, and came back to the same blind to hunt him again. At first, a group of does made their way into the field, then a two year old buck, then a gorgeous three year old, then Big Frame appeared.

Taylor was behind the camera and trained the lens at this specimen of pure Iowa majesty. Big Frame began working a scrape before heading back into the timber. Mark snort-wheezed at him, spinning the buck around and into 25 yards.

As Mark executed his shot, the buck turned, causing the arrow to sever the buck's aortic artery, leaving a generous blood trail less than 200 yards in length.

Big Frame is one heck of a deer, and Mark can admire him from up close now!

Gear Used:

Muddy Blind

Leupold rangefinder

PSE bows 

Rage broadheads 

Nomad apparell

Tenzing pack

Reconyx trail camera


LaCrosse boots

Victory Arrows