When it comes to bowhunting, persistence pays off. For Cody Sirek, fourth time was charm. 

Nebraskan Cody Sirek has put in more time bow hunting than the average bear. His time on stand paid off handsomely again in October.

“In early season I checked one of my favorite cameras on a Mossy Oak Biologic food plot,” Cody said. “A buck I called “Head Strong” had been MIA for a year, but showed up on that camera. I set my sights on arrowing him.”

Good food plots often bring surprises. Cody set up a Muddy Penthouse Blind on the clover field. Soon after he had orgainized to self film, another buck called “Crusher” appeared to the south. It appeared that he would pass Cody’s blind within 10 yards.

“Crusher appeared at 60 yards, and was headed straight towards my blind,” Cody said. “I moved the camera and prepared myself, but Crusher wound up feeding to the west. I had to adjust the camera again. When the moment of truth came, I rushed the 30-yard shot and missed.”

Crusher bolted to the cover of the nearby woods, while the rest of the herd remained in the food plot. Disappointed, but vigilant, Cody continued his hunt.

“About 30 minutes later, Crusher came back out,” Cody said. “But he entered the food plot on the east side of my blind. I had to move all of the camera gear once again. Crusher chased all of the little bucks off to demonstrate that he was the dominant buck.”

Crusher circled downwind of Cody’s blind, but never winded him. He presented the perfect shot at 31 yards. “Crusher ducked right into the Rage broadhead,” Cody said. “The Rage tore though his heart and he went down 60-yards out.” 

Crusher was a 5-year-old buck and scored 143-inches. Cody reveled at his good fortune, but here’s the rest of the story.

Cody and Crusher had a lot of history. “I missed him twice in September, during the ealry season,” Cody admitted. “And, I missed him once last year. The third time is often the charm for most, but for me it took four. Persistence does pay off!” 

- Bill Cooper, DeerCast Senior Writer