Living in Iowa, Dave Kramer is no stranger to big bucks.

He has been working diligently for several years to bring his farm online to consistently produce big bucks. His hard work is paying off handsomely.

Kramer’s 2019 big buck story actually began in 2018 with a 3-year-old 10-pointer. “It was a very nice, young deer, in the 135-class range, which my neighbor and I agreed to let go another year,” he said. “We knew the buck had good potential, so we passed on him last year.”

Kramer passed on the young buck seven times last year, but did manage to get good video footage of him. “Rick Malick and I passed him once while filming an episode of Bow Madness,” Dave said.

In the summer of 2019, he put on several inches on his left side G-5. According to Kramer, “He came in as a typical 12-pointer,” Dave explained. “That’s how he got the name 12 Count.”

After waiting multiple seasons to harvest a 5-year-old-buck, Kramer decide to take 12 Count, now a four-year-old, after watching him all summer. “The season began with six other four-year-old bucks on the farm,” Dave said. “I was holding out for a shot at 12 Count. I even passed a shot at a 140" 9-pointer that walked right under my tree stand.”

“We knew where 12 Count was living on the farm, from our Reconyx trail cam pictures,” Dave said. “We finally got a northeast wind, which was required to go into that area. All of the photos were at night, but we felt as the rut closed in 12 Count would work closer to daylight”

Dave’s cell camera showed 12 Count coming back into the farm one night. “We had a hunch he was still in there as we prepared to hunt the next day,” Dave said. “We went  into the set at 2:30 in the afternoon. At 5:15 we saw 12 Count coming down the hill straight down wind of us.”

“He walked right into our set and never smelled us,” Dave said. “Scent Crusher and our scent control system worked perfectly.

12 Count walked to within 15 yards of Dave’s tree stand.  “He turned perfectly broadside, and I cut his heart in half with the Rage Hyperdermic broadhead,” Dave said.” He ran 50 yards and tipped over.” 

Dave concluded. “It is such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment to work so hard on a farm to get it producing big bucks and then actually take one the caliber of 12 Count.”

~ Bill Cooper DeerCast Senior Writer