October 24: Brandon Jennings


After their great success at GK Paloma Ranch, Brandon Jennings and John O’Dell headed over to SOE hunts.

It would be a great cherry on top of the South Texas excursion for Jennings. 

The two saw this unique, old buck the first night of the hunt but he didn’t come in range with good camera light. Jennings hunted several other stands and had great encounters with big bucks every in every spot. 

Hoping to get a shot at an axis deer or the big buck they were after, Jennings and O’Dell went to a tree stand next morning in the area he had been seen. While it was still too dark to shoot, the buck came in but left soon after. 

An axis buck was in the area, but not within range, and the target whitetail came back out at 14-yards. The axis buck bluff charged the whitetail, and the buck ran off hundreds of yards away. Jennings thought it was over. Then when axis deer left, and soon after the buck came back. Jennings went to adjust his seat in the stand, and it made the slightest noise. The buck took off AGAIN. The hunt was definitely over, Jennings thought. 

As they were sitting in the stand, waiting to be picked up around 9:30 am, O’Dell saw a doe up the road and told Jennings to stand up just in case. They could see a long shadow moving through the underbrush. Sure enough, it was the target buck. He finally gave Jennings a shot, and he did not miss. 

What an incredible end to a memorable trip to South Texas!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer