Hunting at Southern Outdoor Experience in Texas has always been good to John O’Dell and his family and friends.

Normally hunting with his son Jacob, this time was different. Fellow DOD team member Brandon Jennings had a wish to come hunt Texas. So, O’Dell and Jennings set out for a few days of harvesting big deer.

Jennings was able to harvest two great bucks first, and O’Dell was wondering if he was ever going to let him take a turn and slinging an arrow. After getting set up in an area where a mature 160-inch buck was frequenting, they waited with anticipation. Soon after, the target buck appeared. He was acting nervous though, and right before the buck presented a shot he bolted. The duo thought the hunt was over.

With 15-minutes of light left, Jennings said “Giant!” A giant it was—the biggest deer either had ever seen in person. The buck slowly worked in to 30-yards and gave O’Dell a shot. He hit the deer a bit low, but thankfully it stopped quickly and he was able to put a follow up shot into the pumphouse. Being a cold night, they decided to leave the buck overnight. First thing the next morning they were able to recover him. The 6.5-year-old, 210-inch whitetail is the biggest O’Dell has ever killed. 

SOE had no pictures of the buck, and no other hunters had ever seen him on the ranch. O’Dell feels truly blessed to be able to not only see the deer but to harvest him as well. 


Gear List

PSE Xpedite

Leupold rangefinder

Tru-Fire release


Rage broadheads


-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer