Last year in mid-November Scott Manifold’s neighbor shot a big 8-pointer that ran into his woods.

They searched but could never find the deer. When this season came up, Manifold was hoping the deer was still alive.

Fast forward to Sunday, October 21, 2019. Manifold watched a buck walk into the woods on his property, and he knew it was going to bed in the thick timber. After glassing him for a while, he knew it was a big buck with a great spread. If he bedded there, it would put him 200-yards from his food plot. Manifold’s evening plans were set.

Although DeerCast was saying poor hunting, he went out to the same blind Dakota killed his buck in earlier this year. It was only the second time hunting this blind and food plot of oats, barley, and brassicas. Soon after setting up, around 20 deer filtered in and out of the plot. With 25-minutes of shooting light left, the buck, whom he watched earlier and aptly named Sunday, stepped out of the tree line. The buck made a beeline to the water hole 15-yards from the blind. 

After a few minutes of drinking, the buck stepped into the plot to feed. Manifold made a perfect quartering-away shot and the 141-inch buck was down. Upon review, he knew it was the buck his neighbor shot last year and could not recover. With an inside spread of 21 4/8ths-inches, the 5.5-year-old 8-pointer had a perfectly clean, symmetrical rack. 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer