October 20: Brandon Jennings


Continuing their tour de South Texas, Brandon Jennings and John O’Dell set out again on the GK Paloma Ranch after a buck named Suiggly (due to his squiggly G3’s).

The pair had seen the buck previously while O’Dell was trying to fill his tag.

The owners knew he was an old deer, and told Jennings to try and harvest the buck. They set out in the evening, the buck got close, and Jennings actually came to full draw. With low-light conditions, he decided to wait for a clearer shot and better camera light—if the buck would show again.

Lo and behold the next morning Squiggly showed. Jennings was watching another management buck and was preparing to let an arrow go at him, when Squiggly came around the corner. The buck presented him with a great shot, and Jennings didn’t miss. The buck ran 60-yards and piled up, and his second South Texas buck was down.

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer