After Sean Lundy’s son Cole was successful during the youth hunt, Garret Rasch reminded Sean that archery season was open.

Never to be one to pass up an opportunity to be in the woods, Sean grabbed his bow and donned the orange. 

They checked a few trail cameras and found a spot between field and bedding area where a solid ten-point had visited four out of the last seven evenings. So, Sean climbed in the stand with his son Cole running the primary camera and Garret a secondary camera in hand.

It didn’t take long until Garret said: “Big buck coming”. The big ten they had on camera was making his way towards them. As the buck closed in to about 20 yards, Cole gave  the green light to shoot as he calmly said: “Dad, I am on him.”

Sean, already at full draw, released his arrow. The arrow hit its mark causing the buck to run out of sight. Sean looked back at Cole who was grinning with a thumbs up and more excited than Sean himself. Cole wanted to look back at the footage while Sean was nervous not to erase it. Sean laughed “Here I am worried he will delete the shot but he is more capable with electronics than I am!”

“I was actually probably shaking more than Cole as I thought about this being my first deer that my son filmed. It is special to be living out a dream that now I see in my son” Sean continued. “Cole is so calm behind the camera always looking to get different angles and extra footage.”

After seeing the shot again, they knew the buck didn’t go far. Easing through the field, Cole ran ahead to get various shots and angles of the recovery. While tracking, Sean looked up to see tines sticking up from the ground. 

“I got emotional during the recap,” Sean said as he was looking at Cole behind the camera. Being able to share our love of the outdoors with those we love is truly one of our greatest blessings.

Dr. Brooks Tiller