October 19: Tiffany Thornton


With a busy work schedule, time to hunt is valuable and sparse for Tiffany Thornton.

Any time Tiffany and her husband, Brycen, can get out is fortunate. Last week, with DeerCast forecasting “ok” movement, Tiffany and Brycen decided to go out anyway. Tiffany got off work at 2:00 pm and they were headed to the blind soon after.

When the two got to the food plot they were set to hunt, does were already out feeding. Instead of walking in and spooking the deer, Brycen went back to the truck and drove into the field to bump them. The deer took off into the woods, the hunters dropped their gear, and Brycen went back to park the truck. With two good bucks on camera daily, they got in and waited.

The does came back out, along with four bucks. Finally, they saw one of their target bucks step out of the woods and into the plot. Normally the bucks walk all the way down the edge of the plot, working scrapes, as Brycen’s buck behaved. But this buck saw one of the younger bucks and made a beeline for him—walking straight across the plot and 25-yards from Tiffany.

Having only a window to shoot out of, Tiffany whistled to stop him, but he ignored it. Finally, after the third whistle, he stopped. Tiffany had to lean to be able to take the shot. Unknown as to what happened exactly, but the shot hit the buck far back in the hip.

After a few phone calls and texts from DOD Team mebers, and utilizing DeerCast Track, they knew their best plan was to wait 24-hours. If the buck was going to die, it was going to take a while. They waited until the next day at exactly 24 hours and went looking.

Finding no blood at all, they decided to wait until the next morning when it was light. Tiffany had to work, but Brycen went back to take up the search. He started doing large circles, and sure enough 300-yards from where he was shot, the buck lay dead. 

Nothing is perfect in deer hunting, but this buck was able to be recovered and Tiffany finally got her hands on the 141 7/8-inch Kansas brute.

Gear List

PSE Drive

Rage broadheads

Victory arrows

Nomad camo

Leupold rangefinder

Tru-Fire release

Mossy Oark BioLogic

- Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer