When Sean Lundy asked his son Cole where he wanted to take his annual hunting trip, he responded: “I want to go see Mr. Garret.”

He was referring to Sean’s friend Garret Rasch in Oklahoma.  

Sean agreed and set up a hunt during Oklahoma’s youth season. While during the archery season, youth are allowed to use a firearm to take deer.

Getting to Garret’s they looked through some trail camera photos. While there were some good shooters, Sean was proud that instead of asking how big the bucks were, he was drawn to a very unique mature buck that had some character. 

 The next morning Cole had his Winchester .270 in hand as they set up about 100 yards away from a CRP field. The sun rose to shed light on a few deer already in the field. Deer meandered in and out of the field early with young bucks bumping some does. Then the demeanor of the deer changed just before the buck that Cole had in his mind stepped out. 

Watching the deer and waiting for a good ethical shot over the next 5 minutes seemed like it took forever. Sean, allowing his son to take more responsibility as he grows and develops as a hunter, was behind the camera while Cole is checking the tight chocolate horned buck to make sure he is within range.

The buck turned broadside and Cole said “Dad, I am on him.” Sean got the thumbs up from Garret, running the secondary camera before giving Cole the green light. With the quiet click of the safety, Cole is ready and makes a perfect shot at 120 yards. The big-bodied, clean seven point ran 70 yards before tipping over. 

- Dr. Brooks Tiller