Like many hunters his age, John Williams at 71 years old is unselfish and freely shares the woods and his wisdom with those he loves.

His focus is on managing the land and setting up places to hunt more for his grandchildren than himself but today he went hunting more for himself.

This summer, John and his crew built a new shooting house on the north end of a bottom this summer. Over the past few weeks the Reconyx cameras have caught 3 good shooter bucks on the farm. A mature 10 and a big 8 are on the hit list. While John and his neighbors have agreed to give an impressive young buck a pass to roam freely. 

Today John headed out to the shooting house to hunt for himself for a change. Only the second time this year anyone has been in the new shooting house but felt promising as the big 8 on the hit list has been caught on camera in the daylight a few days ago.

Once settled in the stand, it seemed slow with a few does enjoying the Biologic clover. The wind shifted from northwest to southwest and blew the does out of the field. John began thinking it was not looking good with the wind change.

But then a four point came off the creek from behind the shooting house. Soon a couple yearlings joined him for some clover. While watching the young deer, John looked up and in the north end the mature 10 was stepping into the field right in front of the trail camera. He began making a scrape as they got the camera rolling.

They got the camera rolling as the buck made a scrape before easing across the field. John was preparing as the buck was headed for a 35 yard shot right in front of the shooting house. But with the wind being goofy and swirling the buck began smelling a rat and got a little spooky.

He made a 180 and began retracing his steps back to where he came into the field. The mature buck stopped and stood like a statue as John ranged him at 50 yards quartering away.

John settled the sights on the buck and took a shot with his PSE Thrive Crossbow hitting him solid. The heart shot with Rage hypodermic broadhead brought him down before he could get out of sight.

As the oldest member of the Drury team, John has had his hand in harvesting several good mature bucks over the years. Most recently he has spent more time behind the camera capturing his grandkids than pulling the trigger himself. John said this 10 scoring 148 2/8 was extra special as it is the first mature buck he pulled the trigger on since 2008.

Gear Used



PSE Thrive crossbow

Rage Hypodermic broadhead

Nomad apparel




Scent Crusher

- Dr. Brooks Tiller