This spring Blake, Chris, and Tayler planted about four acres of BioLogic in the field where they knew deer frequented. 

They placed a blind overlooking the plot and even put up some greenscreen to help keep them to sneak in and out of the blind without spooking deer. 

Blake and Chris hunted it the first day of the muzzleloader season and saw a mature nine point but could not get a good shot. A favorable wind under blue clear skies, and with DeerCast saying ‘Good’, they decided to give it another shot. 

With the temperature falling, and after an hour in the blind, Blake moved DeerCast custom all the way to the right with 10 deer including a nice 8 pointer in the field. About 5:30 a deer entered the field and Blake recognized him telling Tayler “I think it’s Junkyard!” 

Right after acquiring the farm a couple of years ago, their first priority was to shed hunt in the spring. Chris found a nice gnarly shed and then, after seeing how the big bodied 7 point with junky bases looked in trail camera photos last year, they named him Junkyard. 

About the end of last October, Junkyard disappeared with no trail camera or physical sightings. This spring his sheds were not found and there were no pictures of him over the summer. They didn’t know if he had even survived last season. 

Junkyard came out to challenge a younger buck. When Junkyard moved to spar, the younger deer the young buck did not want anything to do with a fight. The deer were calm and browsing. Chris reported, “I let them hang out in the field for as long as I could take it.” Chris then put the hammer down on the muzzleloader and Junkyard fell in his tracks.

Even though they did not know if Junkyard was even still alive, they put themselves in a good spot on a good day. The offseason prep work and their knowledge along with using DeerCast paid off for Blake with early-season success. 

Gear Used:

 Muddy blind






Scent Crusher

~ Dr. Brooks Tiller