New team member Alex Duncan, from Knoxville, Iowa killed a gorgeous  151 2/8” buck early in the muzzlolader season!

“We had trail cam photos of that buck for three years in a row,” Alex Duncan said. Although she had not laid eyes on the Iowa buck, she new it was turning into a very respectable animal.

“I went hunting the evening of October 15 on a big turnip plot that we have on the farm, Alex said. “I hoped to see  a big 8 and other big bucks we had on our  cameras. Sure enough I saw the big 8, and I watched him head north and cross our creek.”

Alex headed out early the next evening and set up on a terrace. She relaxed against a large tree, while her husband, Chris, manned the camera. “We saw a ton of deer that night,” she said. “About five minutes before last light, the buck I was looking for stepped out.”

A loud noise about a mile down the road had Alex Worried that the buck had been scared off. “The noise was really loud,” Alex said. “I was worried that the buck might not show itself, because we were running out of light. Luckily though, the big 8 did step out about two minutes later.”

Alex steadied herself for the shot. “I made a perfect  shot on the buck,” she stated. “It was really sweet to watch that big 8 pile up about 60 yards away. It was  a very easy tracking job for sure!”

Alex’s gorgeous buck sported 8 main beam points, plus respectable brow tines and a few short stickers. It is indeed a buck any hunter would be proud to hang on their wall. Congratualations, Alex!

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- Bill Cooper -DeerCast Senior Writer