October 14: Tayler Riggen


Tayler Riggen knows that when you find a good spot you don’t mess with it.

Tayler has had a Muddy bull blind in the same spot overlooking the same field for the past 3 years. With no particular deer in mind but knowing it was a good spot he headed to the blind with his muzzleloader in hand.

The blind looks over an alfalfa field next to 7 acres of standing beans proving a great feeding location for the five hit list bucks on the farm.

With 45 minutes of shooting light left a good buck came walking into the field. Tayler watched him for a few minutes recognizing him as one of the bucks in the hit list that they have known since 2017.

The mature 10 began making his way across the field. When he was presented with a broadside shot at 215 yards Tayler rested his muzzleloader and squeezed the trigger. A quick 20 yard run and Tayler was able to put his hands on the big mature 149 inch buck.

Gear Used:

Muddy blind


Winchester firearms



IQ Sight

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 - Dr. Brooks Tiller