Over the summer, John O’Dell’s neighbor asked him if he wanted to join a lease close to his house.

He jumped on the opportunity, and spent all summer putting out cameras, stands and a water source on the property. 

With a lot of sweat equity being put in, Reconyx cameras started showing a unique buck on camera. Each time Macy O’Dell would see the pictures, she knew she wanted to take this animal. The buck oddly had six points on one side, and three on the other. 

Limited to weekend hunts, John and Macy set out on a Sunday evening to see if they could take the buck. They got set up at 3:00 pm, and soon after had a big 6-pointer come in. Macy passed him, knowing the buck she wanted was around. At 5:00 pm they heard a buck fight and grunting. Does charged into the field, with the target buck close behind. They waited for a shot opportunity.

Eventually, the deer presented Macy with a shot and she did not miss. The buck did not run far, and Macy had her biggest buck ever. The 141-inch deer had 26-inch mainbeams, which is very rare for the part of Texas they were hunting. She was so excited she started hyperventilating and shaking—a feeling everyone should feel after harvesting a great buck!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer