October 13: Madison O'Dell


Madison O’Dell loves to hunt.

Although she has some serious health issues preventing her from doing normal, daily tasks, she is always down to hit the Muddy blind.

DeerCast was finally showing ‘great’ for the first time, so John and Madison headed out to the blind. It was Madison’s first time hunting all year. She was looking to harvest a 7.5-year-old 8-pointer frequenting the area. 

Lo and behold, the first deer to show up was her target buck. The deer moved in and got to 22-yards. Madison hit the buck perfectly, taking out his heart and both lungs. The 120-inch buck was down and Madison, who is normally reserved, was as excited as can be.

John O’Dell says it’s always emotional hunting with Madison. She is limited by her health, but she can still enjoy the outdoors and relished every moment she can while hunting—as well as John. The outdoors is an amazing way the pair can spend quality time together and enjoy nature’s bounty. 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer