When Adam began to hunt his new farm last year, he had several photos and even an encounter with the oldest buck on the farm.

Hoping for a shot at his number one buck on the hit list, Adam passed up an old buck with one long spike that earned him the nickname Uno.

This spring he found both sheds and Uno was a regular on trail cameras all summer long. As they were heading to the blind, Adam told JT Burton that he was going to wait on a particular buck, but that there were a few others that if they showed up, JT was welcome to take. 

Setting up in the blind looking over a clover field, a few deer including a couple of young bucks began to graze. When Uno stepped out Adam asked JT if he would like to take him. JT eagerly said “Yes!”. Appreciative for all the hard work and long days that JT puts in behind the camera, Adam gladly swapped places and handed over the crossbow. 

As JT steadied himself and prepared for a shot. Adam focused the camera on the old buck. Uno stopped just over 50 yards away. JT released the arrow that found its mark. The seven and half-year-old buck ran less than 50 yards before piling up making for an easy track. 

 Dr. Brooks Tiller