October 9: Parker Jennings


Hunting on his Liberty, Missouri 355-acre farm usually provides some great bucks for Brandon Jennings and his family and friends.

With the ungodly amount of rain this year, the farm was not able to be planted with crops. Wheat was put in, but the amount of shooter bucks was lacking. Then Jennings got a good, 4.5-year-old 8-pointer on camera. 

The buck was using the same field every day, so the quest began. The first encounter was with Brandon. The buck jumped the string with a shot, and missed him.

Justin Lurk, fellow lessee on the property, had an encounter the next night. When the wind was right the next time, Brandon’s wife had the buck within 40-yards but light was too low and they were out of time. 

The buck was frequenting the area and was killable. After his wife was unable to get a shot, the next night Brandon’s son, Parker, went in after him.

With time to spare, the buck gave Parker a 34-yard shot and he let the arrow fly. Upon initial view, they thought the shot was back. But looking at the video, they knew it was extremely fatal. The buck ran 100-yards before piling up. 

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer