Earlier this summer a mature buck with a huge, unreal body was frequenting Tom Ware’s farm.

The night before he filmed Ryan May shoot his buck in Missouri Ware finally laid eyes on him. He spotted the deer near his cabin as it came out into the clover plot. Ware could tell it was the Big 9-point he had on camera. After a hard summer with EHD wiping out a lot of bucks, Ware decided to name the mature buck the “Judge”—because nobody messed with the judge.

On October 6th, Ware and Drury Outdoors’ Scott Manifold drove to Iowa to hunt. The first night they set up in the clover where the Judge was spotted previously, but only saw does and fawns. The next day they checked every camera except one near the ‘creek plot,’ as Ware calls it. There were no big deer on any camera recently. With this information, Ware decided to hunt the Creek Plot. If he was frequenting any part of the farm, it had to be there he thought.

Ware and Manifold got in the blind early and deer came out—but no Judge. A small 8-point came out, with a couple of other bucks in tow. Then the Judge stepped out of the treeline. The smaller bucks walked right at Ware, but the Judge held back and went the other way. He tried grunting, but the deer was not interested.

Finally, the Judge worked his way down the treeline and got to 41-yards. The buck stood there looking and analyzing the situation. Another buck came in behind the Judge, and the Judge immediately turned and started walking away. Ware shot as the buck gave him a quartering away shot. The deer dropped and finally the gavel had dropped on the Judge.

The giant buck weighed over 300-pounds and scored 163 6/8-inches.

Gear List

PSE Xpedite

Leupold rangefinder

Tru-Fire release


Rage broadheads

Victory arrows

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer