October 4: Kirk Hendershott


Last week a major cold front swept through Missouri. It was magical and hunters everywhere were putting deer on the ground.

Kirk Hendershott, hunting in Northern Missouri, knew he’d a shot at an old, mature 8-pointer he had been tracking for some time.

After the temperatures dropped significantly mid-week, Hendershott and his cameraman Isaac Snow went camera checking for the most recent information on their Reconyx units. On Wednesday, October 2nd, they had two mature bucks, including the Heavy 8 they were after, hitting their Mossy Oak radish plot in daylight. They knew they would have a shot.

With DeerCast showing a great forecast for movement, perfect weather, and a great location, it was just a matter of time. As Hendershott and Snow were walking in for the afternoon sit, there were already deer in the plot. The young buck they saw ducked into the woods, but it wasn’t 15 minutes later and several does and younger bucks were pouring into the field.

A couple hours before dark, the food plot was filled up with bucks. Five fed in there until, for reasons unknown, a doe far north started blowing. The bucks cleared the field, but the duo kept the faith and knew it was early.  With 20-30 min left of camera light, Hendershott looked back behind the stand in the standing corn and out stepped the Heavy 8. The buck hit the field road and beelined straight for the radishes

As he fed with another doe and buck, he kept changing directions within 20-30 yards. Finally, the buck gave Hendershott a slight quartering away shot at 25-yards and he did not miss. The 134 2/8th-inch buck ran and barely made it out of the plot. He did not go 50 yards. The 6.5-year old Northern Missouri stud had bases on both antlers over 6-inches. It was a great end to a great story.

Gear List:

PSE Xpedite

Rage broadheads

Victory arrows

Nomad Camo

Leupold rangefinder

Tru-Fire release

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer