Kasey Morgan and Greg glesinger planned an early season trip in Missouri this year—a time of year they never hunted the area. But, they had good pictures and a cold front.

The day they made the trek, it was raining hard off and on. They decided to make a move to their blind when they had a break in the rain.

The rain temporarily stopped and they grabbed all their stuff and booked it up to the blind. As soon as they crawled in they had deer moving in the food plot. Another rain storm came through, squelching movement. It passed and the the deer got up and started feeding hard.

They noticed a couple of mature bucks on the edge of the plot. One fed through and got about 41-42 yards but never gave Morgan a solid, stopped shot that wasn’t in thick stuff. The other mature buck was bringing up the rear. He fed through the pinch point in the plot and have Morgan a great quartering away shot at 30 yards and he smoked him.

As soon as he shot the buck and it ran off, it started torrentially pouring.—hard enough to where you’d be soaked in seconds. They were concerned about blood, and finding the deer, even though they knew it was a good shot. Glesinger had a handheld Leupold thermal imager to aid them.

As predicted, there was no blood because of the rain. They started walking around in the general area the deer ran and Glesinger whistled. He found the 140-inch buck with the thermal imager 75-yards away  off the plot. Nothing like using technology to help you recover a mature deer!

Gear List

PSE Xpedite

Leupold rangefinder

Tru-Fire release


Rage broadheads

Victory arrows

Leupold Thermal Imaging Device

- Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer