September 27: Wyatt Patton


When Caleb Byers asked his little hunting buddy Wyatt what he wanted to shoot this youth season, he simply said, “Something bigger than last year.”

Wyatt shot a nice 8-pointer last year, but wanted to advance his deer hunting credentials.

Byers put in a food plot last summer, specifically for the youth season in Iowa. Due to the lack of rain, the plot turned out less than ideal. After one sit, he knew they had to switch it up. His step dad put in a patch of beans late this summer, and after one look at it, Byers knew it was the place to be. 

Without a blind, he and Wyatt tucked into the brush for the evening sit. DeerCast showed the movement being “Ok” until 6:00 pm—when it forecasted “Good.” Right at 6:00 pm a spike came out into the beans and started feeding. About 200-yards away Byers noticed a nice buck stepping out. He figured the deer would just feed, as it had no reason to work their way.

Then the spike started making a scrape. The bigger buck made a beeline for their position, following a fence row. They lost sight of the deer for a while and figured it had jumped the fence. They were wrong. The buck seemed to be angered with the young buck making a scrape, and started posturing and walking right at him. 

Byers told Wyatt to adjust in order to make a shot, and he did so without spooking the deer. The buck got to 50 yards, and Wyatt let his .20-gauge sing out. The buck ran 60-yards before piling up in the bean field. Although they did not score the deer, Wyatt had a much bigger buck than 2018, and had accomplished his goal. Byers estimates the deer scores between 130-150 inches. It’s a great deer for anyone, especially his little hunting buddy!

-Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer