After a long 18 days in Alaska, Kasey Morgan was eager to get after whitetails in Wisconsin. Talking with resident hunters, he realized he hadn’t missed much. The weather was hot and muggy, and deer were not moving well. Then a cold front came in.

Having no time to check cameras, Morgan’s dad pulled some cards for him. A big, mature buck was making frequent appearances in the last couple of days. Morgan talked with guys near the hunting property, and they had been seeing a big buck on its feet. With all of this information coming in on one day, before noon, Morgan knew he had to get out there that night.

During his lunch break he went home and loaded all his hunting gear in the truck. When 3:30 pm hit, he was headed north to the small farm. After a short walk to stand, he and his camera man were set up by 5:15 pm. The spot they set up was on a logging road the buck had been frequenting to get to a soybean field.

After only 15 minutes in the stand, Morgan looked behind him and the buck he was after was walking right toward him. The buck got to 25-yards and he did not miss. The 173-inch buck made it 50 yards before tipping over. The amazing part is how quickly it all happened. It was hours between knowing he was on his feet to when he arrowed the mature buck.

Gear List

PSE Xpedite

Leupold rangefinder

Tru-Fire release


Rage broadheads

Victory arrows

- Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer