September 25: Brad Stricker Drury Outdoors


Last week, temperatures in Central Kansas were topping out in the 90s. Hardly ideal for mature buck movement.


However, Brad Stricker, hunting in Great Bend at Triple Creek Outfitters, was able to pattern a few bucks getting on their feet early. With a mid-week 10-degree drop in temperature, he knew it was time to strike.


On the first evening after getting into camp, Brad and his cameraman Mitchell watched a great buck feed in front of them. With it being the first night and the buck holding out around 220-yards, Brad decided to wait. They hunted two more evenings, seeing multiple deer, but he wanted to target that deer.


His guide, Major League Bowhunter’s Matt Duff, found the buck with others coming out in the other end of the field later in the week. Mid-day they constructed a bale blind in the area and waited for the right opportunity. On Wednesday, with the high in the low 80s, they went in.


Deer started pouring out early. They never spooked at the blind, and even could hear them sniffing the blind right behind them. Finally, their target buck came out 80-yards away and walked right towards the blind at 7:10 pm. Brad tapped Mitch and said get ready. The buck turned at 40-yards and Brad shot. The buck ran a bit, hopped a fence, started wobbling and went down. In all, the 147-inch, 260-pound buck ran only 40-yards.


This was the first time Brad and Mitch were able to see a deer, put a game plan together, and had it all work out so well.


Gear Used:

Traditions Muzzleloader


Leupold Scope

LaCrosse Boots


Tenzing Backpack


- Ryan Miloshewski, DeerCast Senior Writer